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Tree Removal

TREE REMOVAL is the service we offer to ensure that your family is safe. We know that the look of your home is very important, and so is the safety and well-being of those living in the home. This arboreal service is recommended when one or a number of the trees in your yard are dead, diseased or highly hazardous due to their location.

Tree Planting

The Great Canadian Tree Service Team not only removes unwanted trees, we also plant trees for our customers! Planting trees can be good investment for your property for a number of reasons. They are great for adding some shade to your yard, to create privacy by obstruction the view of a neighbour’s untidy lawn, or even adding greenery to the landscape.

Stump Grinding

After a tree is removed from your lawn, you can choose to have us perform our stump grinding service. This is a service where we grind down the tree so that the homeowner can use it for other purposes, or to merely improve the look of the yard. We use equipment that grinds away the stump from the ground. We observe all mandatory safety precautions when using these machines. The heavy duty grinders allow for a quick removal of any stump, no matter how big or small.

Tree Pruning

Did you know that beautiful trees could increase your property’s value? Did you know that an unmaintained, unsightly and damaged tree could decrease property value? By pruning you can instantly increase the resale value of your home! We offer our pruning services to all of our customers in Barrie and the surrounding areas. This practice removes any dead wood and unwanted overgrowth. We take unsafe and unstable limbs that could pose a future threat and thin out the canopy, to allow more air and sunlight to move through.

Our Commitment

The Great Canadian Tree Service Inc. is a family run and operated business. Passionate and skilled, TGCTS prides themselves as being hands on and approachable when dealing with their clients. When you choose TGCTS you can guarantee you are working with an owner and reliable team of trained professionals.

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Can you prune or remove trees in the winter?
Winter is a great time to prune or remove trees:

  • Trees are dormant over the winter, so pruning wounds will only be exposed until new growth begins in spring;
  • There are fewer diseases present to enter wounds.
  • Tree structure is more visible in the winter, making it easier to see and attend to potential problems.
  • Under storey plants are less exposed to damage
  • Frozen ground makes it easier to remove large sections of wood
Can you make my tree smaller?
Pruning a tree to make it smaller (known also as “topping”), particularly a large growing tree, is ill-advised and should never be done except in a few cases where it is necessary to preserve the tree.  Topping a tree causes an immediate serious injury by removing too much live growth, and creates long term health and structural problems.  If a tree is in good structural condition, it should not need to be made smaller.

An exception is when a tree contains structural defects (splits, cavities, poor unions) that could be corrected by reducing the overall size of the crown.  Done correctly, a “crown reduction” type of pruning could add years to the life of a valued tree.

When do you fertilize?
Fertilizing can be done at any time the ground thaws sufficiently to enable a fertilizer probe to be put into the soil.  Generally this will be from April to October.  We do not fertilize in the later summer in order to avoid forcing new growth in trees that may not harden before winter.
How do you prune/remove the tree?
There are several ways tree pruning or removal can occur, and the method used will depend on circumstances that include the tree’s condition, species and location.   Cranes and bucket trucks are sometimes used, but the overwhelming majority of tree work is conducted by climbers using specialized climbing and rigging equipment.  Climbers access the tree, secure themselves, and use rigging lines to safely lower limbs and wood.
What does “stump grinding” mean?
Stump grinding refers to a method of stump removal where a stumping machine is used to grind a stump to fine wood chips.  The stump is that portion of the tree that remains visible when a tree is removed to ground level.

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